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How Motion Detectors & Glass Sensors Can Protect Your Business

The custom security solutions at our Calgary alarm company offer affordable and quality protection for Calgary businesses.

Investing in your business means going that extra mile to ensure your property, employees and customers are safe. A high-quality, custom security system is a great solution that has many benefits, including:

  • Deters potential criminals
  • Protects you from any liability claims
  • Makes it easier for you or your employees to notify authorities in case of an emergency
  • May make you eligible for a discount on your business insurance
  • Allows you to keep an eye on your business, no matter where you are in the world
Custom Business Security Solutions in Calgary

Our Calgary alarm company provides affordable and customized security solutions for your small business, taking into account your unique needs and keeping you, your company and your employees safe from harm.

Custom Security Solutions


How Motion & Glass Break Sensors Can Benefit Your Business

All companies can benefit from a customized, comprehensive business security system. This includes installing innovative products such as motion and glass break sensors that protect your entryways and windows from intrusion.

What is a motion sensor?

A motion sensor is designed to detect any movement within its vicinity and is a key element of any business security system. It uses advanced technology to instantly activate an alarm in the event of an intrusion, so you never have to worry about any lag time.

What is a glass break sensor?

Glass break detectors/sensors are a security product that detect when a windowpane is broken. If a break does occur, an electronic burglary alarm goes off to indicate the possibility of an intrusion or physical damage to the structure.


Which is the Best Option?

Both security solutions offer their fair share of benefits. Most emergency systems already include motion sensors and it’s recommended that you invest in a glass break detector if your store fronts or other commercial areas have large windows.


4 Reasons to Consider Motion Sensors & Glass Break Detectors For Your Business

Motion sensors and glass break detectors can benefit from residential neighborhoods and commercial properties to industrial spaces and restricted military areas.

Here are 4 reasons why you may want to consider these two security solutions:

1. Windows are a prime entry point for burglars

One of the main reasons why you may want to consider motion and glass sensors for your business is that windows are a prime entry point for burglars. It’s far easier for them to break through a window than pick a lock.

These sensors will ensure that all your windows are closely monitored, deterring any potential criminals.

2. Covers a large area with a single sensor

Glass break and motion sensors have a range of several dozen feet in all directions. This means that you can cover a large part of your store without any need of extensive amounts of hardware.

3. Fast and simple installation

The installation of these sensors is fast and simple. They don’t need to be specially ingrained into your walls or affixed with custom mounts. They can simply be secured in place wherever necessary. This means you can save time and money.

4. Easy integration with other security measures

One of the biggest benefits of glass break and motion sensors is that they can be easily integrated with other security measures. They can complement other aspects of your home/business security system, such as IP cameras, to provide complete coverage.


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