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How A Security Camera System Can Improve Your Commercial Loss Prevention Program

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How A Security Camera System Can Improve Your Commercial Loss Prevention Program

A commercial security camera system is a crucial component of your loss prevention strategy. Both employee and customer theft can have serious impacts on your operation’s bottom line. The presence of video cameras can play a small role in deterring crime, but a comprehensive security approach will offer the level of protection necessary to support your goals in loss prevention. New technologies that integrate video surveillance, reliable monitoring, analytics, and competent security responders are the tools you need to mitigate the risk of loss during operations and after hours.

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Security camera systems can help you protect your business from the outside and the inside. Incorporating other available tools to build an extensive loss prevention approach will help you fortify your business against many threats. Here are the benefits of including an intelligent security camera system in your loss prevention program.

Minimize Shoplifting and Theft: The mere presence of a visible video monitoring system can often be enough to deter shoplifting. Most crimes of theft that occur during hours of operation are  “crimes of opportunity”, attempted only when a would-be-thief feels they can pocket an item undetected. The efforts of your staff to monitor customer activity can be supported with recorded video surveillance. 

Prevent Employee Theft: Unfortunately, not all threats of theft come from the outside. Some reports claim that up to 40% of annual inventory loss may be due to employee theft. The purpose of a camera surveillance system to deter internal crime is two-fold. As with shoplifting, the presence of cameras is often enough to keep employees behaving with integrity. But recorded video surveillance can help employers investigate and substantiate when there is a suspicion of loss due to employee activity. 

Deter Burglary: Monitored video surveillance can provide the opportunity to stop crime in its tracks, even if it occurs outside of the hours of operation for your business. Alarms, broadcast warnings, and security personnel can be dispatched quickly when live monitoring is integrated into a camera system.

Aid in Prosecution: When any crime has been committed in your commercial or retail space. Video surveillance footage can provide law enforcement with the evidence necessary to prosecute. 

Increase Employee and Customer Safety: A security camera system can provide an elevated level of safety for both your employees and your customers. By monitoring your commercial space for suspicious activity, security personnel can de-escalate dangerous situations before they get out of hand or ensure that customers and employees are removed before injuries can occur. 

Monitor Customer Transactions: Fraudulent claims made by opportunistic customers hoping to cash in by returning expensive items without a receipt, or making claims about the way they were treated to get free service, can be easily substantiated or dismissed by reviewing footage when each transaction is recorded.

A Scalable Investment: One of the bigger benefits of a security camera installation within your commercial space is the scalability of the system. As your business grows and expands, extra cameras can be added and integrated into your existing recording and monitoring scheme and new camera technologies can be layered into your current system. There is no need to completely build from scratch whenever the growth of your business increases your security needs.

Loss Prevention Support In Calgary

A quality security camera system as part of your comprehensive security plan is a great way to support the mandate of your loss prevention program. If you are interested in exploring the benefits of video recording and surveillance and you would like to understand the options available to help you create a robust security strategy for your commercial space, connect with the team at Frontline Security. With a complimentary and exhaustive audit of the existing state of security for your home or business, Frontline will design a tailored solution that incorporates all existing tools, technologies, and services to help you protect everything you have worked so hard for. Frontline Security promises the highest quality of security technology and equipment, vigilant monitoring services,  and the most professional installation customer experience. For your free, no-obligation quote, contact the team at Frontline Security in Calgary at (403) 291-9311.


Q: Will a security camera system impact my insurance rates?
A: Many insurance companies offer adjusted rates for businesses with security systems that are installed and/ or monitored by recognized security specialists. And in addition to those savings, you are less likely to experience the costs associated with inventory loss and fraud. 

Q: Is your monitoring service located overseas?
A: Our monitoring service is local. Our responders live where you live and have the experience and local knowledge to provide the best level of service and care.

Q: Does Frontline monitor my video feed?
A: We offer 24-hour monitoring and two-way audio to scare potential intruders away. You will also be able to access the video feed from your business in real-time on your own device.

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Your First Line of Defence

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