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Home Security and Neighbour Privacy - What Should You Do?

Security cameras and video surveillance are becoming common features in Calgary homes. At Frontline Security, we are installing home security systems that keep families and their homes safe; however, we encourage all our clients to be aware of potential privacy concerns that your neighbours may have.

An employer has the right to install video surveillance at the work place, but also has the responsibility to inform employees of the presence of video cameras and has to adhere to privacy laws. Similarly, a homeowner has the right to install a security system equipped with video cameras; however, the issue of privacy with neighbouring homes is a little blurrier. As more homes are equipped with video cameras, there are sure to be greater regulations in the near future. Until then, Frontline Security suggests communication is the best tool to address privacy concerns.

There is an increase of reported issues among neighbours and their video surveillance cameras. The majority of cases centre on the issue of a residential home security camera capturing images above and beyond their property lines, for instance, having a view of a neighbour’s back yard. Canadian law prohibits anyone from videotaping for the purposes of voyeurism and or criminal harassment; however, there currently isn’t any law on recording a neighbour’s property via your home’s security cameras. It’s a Catch-22 scenario; in order to be efficient, your home security camera might have to capture areas beyond your property line. What do you do?

It’s well researched that commercial sites alerting people to the presence of video cameras is a great deterrent for crime and vandalism. In a residential situation, communication with your neighbours and reaching a compromise with them will result in building a positive relationship. We recommend approaching neighbours and informing them of your home security cameras, and informing them that the cameras will only capture a view of your property and not invade their privacy.

By communicating with your neighbours about your installed video cameras and easing their minds about the scope of view, you avoid any potential hostile relationships. Frontline Security will install video security systems that will safely secure and encompass the views of your property, and not areas of your neighbour’s properties that can’t be viewed from the street. Along with Frontline’s advanced security system, your neighbours and the homes on your block can be great allies in keeping your property secure.

For installing a security system that keeps your home safe and to ensure that neighbour privacy is not invaded, contact us at Frontline Security in Calgary today at 403-291-9311.

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