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Home Security and Home Automation

Your home security system’s primary job is to protect your family and your home.

However, advanced security systems have become a catalyst for advancements in home automation. The experts at Frontline Security in Calgary predict that modern home security systems with smartphone capabilities will make it appealing for consumers to invest in home automation and will carry the Internet of Things into the future.

Home Automation Security

The presence of a security system in your home or business is an effective deterrent for theft and vandalism. Even homes that have signs displayed in windows indicating an alarm system deter criminals. Since the early days of home security, technology has moved from old bulky keypads to modern home automation security. The ability to lock and unlock your home’s doors with your smartphone or watching high-definition security video via a tablet may have seemed gimmicky in the past, but these are now considered functional features for a modern day home automation security system.

The Internet of Things

Home security systems with smartphone capabilities have paved the way for home automation. Sleek and futuristic looking thermostats can be controlled by your smartphone, giving you the power to adjust the climate of your home whether you're at home or away. Thermostat controls are considered more functional, and right on its heels are the remote controlling of appliances like coffee makers, dishwashers and slow cookers. Ultimately, home automation and the Internet of Things will revolutionize daily chores.

Frontline Security

Frontline Security is on the cutting edge of installing the newest home security and home automation systems. Old security designs with boxy keypads and invasive installations have advanced to modern, sleek designs that don’t require landlines and can be monitored from your phone from anywhere in the world. Security systems are the first step in the evolving world of the Internet of Things. In the near future, powering your slow cooker with your phone while you’re away at work, won’t seem silly, it’ll just be another day in the life of your home automation security system.

For more information on home automation and home security systems, contact Frontline Security in Calgary today on 403-291-9311.

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