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Home Security Tips for the Holidays

Keeping your home and family safe is a priority for every home owner. There are a few things you can do to keep your property secure this holiday season. Here are 9 security tips you can use to keep everyone but Santa out:

  1. Play burglar
    Think like a burglar and imagine how you would break into your own home. This will help you find any weaknesses in your home security and get them fixed before any unsavory characters discover and exploit them.

  2. Always lock the doors
    Even if you are just heading out for a short time be sure to lock all windows and doors. During the short time you are gone a burglar could break into your home. Don’t make it easier for them by leaving doors and windows unlocked.

  3. Get a good alarm system
    Opt for a wireless alarm system from a good security company like Frontline Security. Wired systems are more vulnerable than wireless ones because burglars can cut the wires, rendering the entire system useless. This will help deter would-be-burglars because they won’t be able to deactivate the system.

  4. Make your home look occupied at all times
    Burglars are far less likely to target homes that look occupied. Whether you are heading out of town for the holidays or just heading out for the evening it pays to make your house look like someone is home. Using home automation tools you can turn lights on and off periodically to simulate someone being home. If you are heading away for a few days be sure you have someone check your mail. A stuffed mailbox is a dead giveaway that you aren’t home.

  5. Use the deadbolt
    Spring locks, like the ones in door knobs, are much easier to pick than deadbolts. Savvy burglars can use something as simple as a credit card slid between the door and the door frame to disable a spring lock, but a deadbolt will require noisy power tools.

  6. Do a background check
    Before you leave your keys with a house sitter, dog sitter or cleaning person be sure to conduct a thorough background check. Make sure anyone with access to your home is reputable and honest. If you are hiring someone from an agency you can check with the Better Business Bureau about the firm’s reputation.

  7. Don’t announce you are away
    Leaving a note to family, friends or service people announces to the world that you are not at home. Text or call and leave a message instead. The same goes for social media. Don’t post that you are going away on holiday since this may alert potential burglars that your house is going to be vacant. If you really want to share your vacation stories wait till you come back.

  8. Hide your spare key well
    Don’t hide your spare key somewhere obvious like under a rock or in the mail box. Instead, wrap it in aluminum foil or place it in an old film canister or other small, sealable container. Then bury it somewhere you will remember it so that you can access it later.

  9. Always ask for ID
    If a salesperson or technician comes to your door make sure you insist on seeing official identification. Many burglars will use this ruse to gain information about your house so they can break in later. If you have any doubts call the company the salesperson or technician claims to be from and double check that they are actually employees and are suppose to be at your house.

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