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Home Automation and the Increased Demand for Door Phones

Overview: Does your home have a door phone? Probably not. You may have never even heard of them! But according to the findings of a recent report, you're about to see a lot more of door phones in the future. Why? It's all thanks to the growing popularity of home automation. Read the blog below to find out more.

A recent report by IHS has revealed that the world market for door phones has increased by $100 million in the past year and that part of this growth is thanks to the home automation market. Let's find out more about door phones and what this study means for the future of home security.

What Are Door Phones?

Door phones are a home security device that allows visitors to a home, office or business to call chosen telephones in the premises to request entry. The user in the premise who receives the call will then have the option of unlocking the door to allow the visitor to enter. Door phones are a great security feature for any home, especially those with large yards. They can also be great for home owners who would like verification before they open their front door and the benefits available for businesses are numerous.

What Has Caused the Recent Growth of Door Phones?

In the past, door phones were reserved for more specialized uses such as large estates and corporate buildings. But with the recent increase in home automation popularity, the potential for integrating these door phones into home systems is becoming apparent to many users.

While most of the current door phone technology is solely being used by larger companies, the foundations are being laid for door phones to burst onto the home automation scene. The potential for video door phones to be monitored from apps on your smartphone, tablet or laptop is vast and the convenience that home automation offers could open up a whole new market for door phones.

Rather than being reserved for high-end businesses and large private residences, the integration of door phones and home automation could make this type of security measure a practical option for almost all businesses and homes.

Bottom Line: The future is looking bright for door phones and the age of home automation could mark another chapter in this technology's future. While door phones were previously limited by their specific market, the convenience of home automation and the advancements in video technology could suddenly open up a whole new market for these devices. And if the recent IHS report is anything to go by, this new chapter may have already started.

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