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Further Protect Your Assets By Protecting Your Mobile Devices

In personal life and in business, mobility has become a reality. In our personal lives we depend on mobile devices to communicate with friends and family, tune in to social media or even check on our homes using Calgary Alarm Automation and Control. In business many people use mobile devices to conduct their work while on the go, or check in at the office using Interactive Control Technology to remotely arm/disarm security or view live video.

Using mobile devices to control Calgary Security Systems can be effective and convenient, but it is also important to secure the mobile device itself. In 2012 a mobile security company called Lookout did a survey of 15 million mobile users and found that on average, the typical mobile consumer loses one handset a year. In addition, a recent report by Consumer Reports found that almost 40% of smartphone users don’t take even the most minimal security precautions such as using a screen lock.

At Frontline Security we work hard to deliver the highest quality of Calgary Home Security and Calgary Business Security.  With Home and Business Automation it is easier than ever to keep your assets safe. To add further security to your home and business, take the simple steps of adding a screen lock on your mobile device, installing an app to locate a lost or missing device or remotely erase data from it. Taking these steps can add further protection to your valuable personal information.

If you have any questions about Home or Business Security Solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us at Frontline Security!

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