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Five Ways To Keep Your Basement Safe

Overview: Basements can provide an easy point of entry for burglars and it is an area of your home that you can’t afford to forget. Find out five different ways to help secure your basement from potential intruders and increase your home security.

Basements are a common feature in many Calgary homes, and they can be a great way of adding extra space to your house. However, they can often provide a convenient point of entry for intruders or burglars and so it is important to include them in your home security plan. From bushes to bars, this blog covers five different ways to keep your basement safe.

Why are basements at risk?

Basements often have small windows that located very close to the ground. This means that they can be concealed and accessed easily, which makes them a perfect target for thieves. The interior of the basement is also hard to see from the street and so once inside, intruders are again hidden from view. Another reason basements need to be protected is that they are an area of the home that is often less used by the homeowner and so can be seen as a safe point of entry.

So, what can you do to protect your basement?

There are many ways to make your basement safer and to reduce your chance of burglary. Here are five to get you started:

1. Install bars over windows

This is an obvious one, but it’s a great start to making your basement more secure. In fact, while it’s an obvious step, you’d be surprised by how few homeowners have actually done this! You can choose from removable bars, permanent bars, and swing away bars, to name but a few. However, an important consideration when installing window bars is fire safety. The last thing you want to do is to pose a danger to you and your family and so it is essential that whatever system you install is checked out by a fire safety expert.  Generally the best option is either removable bars or swing away bars. Swing away bars can be locked using a mechanism only accessible from inside the home, and they can also feature a quick-release mechanism for emergencies. Alternatively, removable bars are a great option for those who want extra security for short periods of time, such as when on holiday. Even if your window bars are not locked or secure, they can still act as an effective deterrent.

2. Apply a security film to your windows

A more subtle alternative to window bars can be found with window security film. This product is applied to the glass and holds it in place in the event of a breakage. While the glass still breaks, the window does not shatter, and this adds an extra barrier between your basement and the burglar. Even the most seasoned intruder can be thrown off by an extra obstacle, and the harder you make it to break into your home, the more likely they are to try elsewhere.

3. Make your basement windows visible to others

The windows are the sole entry point to your basement so you know exactly where break-ins may occur. Deterrents are just as valuable as physical barriers when it comes to home security, and one of the biggest deterrents you can give intruders is the chance of being seen. If your basement windows are easily visible from the street or by neighbours then there is less chance a burglar will risk breaking and entering.


4. Remove temptation

A basement that is filled with expensive electronics, fine art, and piles of cash is going to be far more attractive to break into than an empty room. While you may have some restrictions in terms of what you can hide (no one wants to have to take a TV out of the closet every evening) there are some things that you can do to make you basement less desirable to a thief. Don’t leave things like cameras and laptops lying around and try to cover up any expensive items that can’t be hidden away. If you have loads of great stuff in your basement and you really can’t hide it away, then another option is to install curtains on all your windows instead.

5. Install an alarm system!

Installing a home alarm system is one of the best ways to secure your basement. Frontline Security offers a variety of different options to suit your individual situation the best. Once your system is installed, you should make it clear that your house is alarmed by displaying stickers and signs. Alarm options include motion sensors, glass break sensors, and open/close sensors, and these should be placed either on, or near the basement windows. You can even sync these alarms with alarm monitoring to allow for maximum home security.

So there you have it, five different ways to make your basement more secure. Do you use any of these? Are you going to? Let us know in the comment section below!

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