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Everything You Need to Know About IP Security Cameras

Are you looking for a way to enhance your office or home security? Here’s everything you need to know about IP security cameras and how this product can help keep your property and family safe.

IP cameras have fast become the best method through which to carry out security surveillance in both the home and in business. This is because, when compared to traditional analogue CCTV systems, IP security camera technology is:

  • Cheaper
  • More versatile
  • Easier to install

Why You Should Consider Installing an IP Security Camera in Your Home or Office

IP security cameras boast advanced technology and it is a small system that can be set up at an affordable fee, and which will offer you a range of utilities and features that would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

Customized Home Automation and Security Systems in Calgary

Taking the necessary steps to protect your home and office from a possible theft will go a long way to giving you complete peace of mind. From home automation products to IP surveillance cameras, our team can customize your office or home security system to ensure it meets your every need.

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How do IP Security Cameras Work? Your Complete Guide to This Security Product

An IP security camera functions in much the same way as a typical webcam, however they are far more versatile and powerful. You can install as many cameras as you need in a single security system and have them both send and receive data due to their digital nature. This means you can have a truly smart security system that is fully catered to all your needs.

How Does It Work?

An IP security camera is connected to a network video recorder (NVR) via a network cable or a wireless connection, which serves as the central hub of the system and facilitates both the storage of data and a range of other utilities.

Where Should I Place My IP Camera?

IP security cameras are no longer just for commercial spaces or the ultra wealthy. Today, a greater number of Calgary homeowners are recognizing the benefits and importance of this home security product.

To make the greatest use of this camera, here are some of the best spots to place them in your home:

  • Front door
  • Back and side doors
  • Stairways and hallways
  • Common interior spaces (e.g. kitchen or living room)
  • Driveway


Top Benefits of Investing in an IP Security Camera

The IP security camera has revolutionized the security industry. Thanks to its ability to capture high-resolution images, its durability, and remote monitoring capabilities, this product makes an excellent addition to any office or home security system.

Here are some benefits of this innovative security product:

  1. Remote viewing: You can access and control your cameras via your smartphone or tablet, which means that you can check up on your business or home no matter where you are.
  2. High resolution: Modern cameras typically boast resolutions of up to 1080p. However, we are even seeing the first 4K cameras now hitting the market and becoming available for the ordinary user.
  3. Triggered alerts: Easy and simple to set up, many cameras come with support for highly customizable alert software, so you’ll be able to receive a phone, text, or email alert, for any movement your camera detects, wherever you are.
  4. Durable and vandal resistant: Cameras that come with tamper proof housing are readily available. This means you’ll be able to securely place them wherever you want, without worrying about having them damaged or switched off by would-be burglars.
  5. Great versatility: For those who need a more dynamic system that can regularly change its area of focus, you may want to consider a camera with pan, tilt, and zoom options. There is even software that easily lets you set up cameras to patrol a chosen area, giving you further flexibility within your system.

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