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Business Security At Your Finger Tips: Remote Monitoring

Overview: Tablets and phones are more than just Angry Birds and social media apps. Restaurants utilize them for menus, you can navigate your drone with them, and you can even use them to improve the security of your business and home. Read the blog below to see how Frontline is on the cutting edge of improving your home and business security.

Remote Monitoring

It’s no longer just the idea of big brother watching! For example, utilizing live feeds and real time videos enable people to maximize operational efficiency. Lots of business owners, especially in the initial stage of starting their company, really don't have the luxury to be away from their business. However, with this new technology they can now remain aware of situations while on vacation and with the advanced real time communications readily available, they can make the real time decisions from anywhere on the planet. Being able to watch the ebbs and flows of your business, in a restaurant for example, has the obvious benefits of theft control and security. But now with remote monitoring, live feeds of video can allow owners and managers to see where obstacles are occurring and in real time allow supervisors to correct the clog in the system. This ultimately boosts customer service and business productivity. Customers have instant connections to social media and can post a review of a business before they even walk out the door, so an efficient business should have the tools to correct and maintain a high level of quality in real time.

Video Quality

Quality of video has developed exponentially. It's hard to believe there was a time before High Definition television, and technology has now progressed to the point where smart phones routinely record in 1080p (HD). Everyone has seen the video of the so-called Big Foot walking in the forest, and it’s been satirized on shows like the Simpsons. All you see is a grainy and blurry video, but had it been taken with an HD camera you would not only spot the watch on Big Foot’s wrist, but also the time displayed on it. In all seriousness, take the network camera and security surveillance out of the forest and into your home or business. There might be a time where you need to capture an image of an intruder or vandal, and it is of the utmost importance that the image is crystal clear. Grainy and blurry footage may have been acceptable ten years ago, but in today's world HD is the standard.

Internet Connections

At the early stages of remote monitoring homes and businesses, weak or no Internet connection caused a big problem. However, stronger Wi-Fi signals and the advancements in cellular networks have significantly wiped out that concern and there is now greater confidence in making the real time decisions necessary for your business. For example, viewing a live stream of your business on your iPad, you can identify a possible danger and decide whether you need to make contact with someone on site. Just viewing the problem really has no benefit, unless you can correct it. Even from the beach you can fire off a text, phone call, or Skype Session and execute that communication via the Internet or cellular network, undisturbed.

Bottom Line: Business owners don’t need to be on site all the time anymore - their office has become mobile. With cellular network and strong Internet connections becoming common, Remote Monitoring has become not just a tool to monitor a business, but a tool to make real time changes as if you were there in person. Visit the team at Frontline Security and they’ll show you all the benefits of implementing a remote monitoring system for your business.

To find out more about Remote Monitoring and Security Cameras in general, contact Frontline Security in Calgary today on 403-291-9311.

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