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Are IP Cameras Right For Your Business? The Pros and Cons of Ditching Your Analog Cameras

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Overview: With the recent increase in IP Camera popularity, it seems that running your surveillance system through Internet networks is the best choice for all homes and businesses. But wait! Sales figures show that the demand for analog cameras is still high and many businesses are not making the step to cloud based security just yet. Why? Find out more in the blog below.

There are many benefits to running your home or business surveillance system using IP Cameras and Internet technology. For example, you can view and monitor footage from any location using almost any device, so long as you have access to the Internet and are authorized. For businesses, the benefits of IP Cameras and cloud security security are also substantial. But if the benefits are so great, why are many businesses sticking to their analog systems? Let's find out.

Cost Efficiency

When it comes down to it, cost is everything. If a system is too expensive to justify, then a company simply won't install it. With IP Cameras and cloud based security systems there is often a more expensive start-up fee before the benefits of the system can be seen. Because of this, many companies stay clear of IP Cameras and stick to their current analog systems. If the cost outweighs the benefits then it doesn't make sense to upgrade. However, this poses the real question: do the costs outweigh the benefits? This is a question best answered by a security expert like Frontline Security.


While the cost of setting up cloud based security systems is often a deterrent for smaller companies, the practicality of changing an entire business security set up is often a deterrent for much larger companies. Additionally, the same reasons IP Cameras can be perfect for some businesses may pose practicality issues for larger companies. For example, imagine a corporation with 200 cameras all trying to sync live HD footage to the cloud – the amount of bandwidth this would require would need such a large financial investment that for most enterprises, such a solution is not pratical. Instead, there are plenty of other more cost effective surveillance methods, many of which include the use of regular analog cameras.

It seems that for both small and large business owners, there are a few concerns about embracing IP Camera and cloud security technology. For some enterprise level corporations, installing an IP Camera based system that requires huge amounts of bandwidth is simply not practical, and there may be other options available. Likewise, some small business owners do not want to commit to the investment that IP Cameras require. If they cannot see value in the additional features that running a could-based security system offers, then the chances are they will stick to their current cameras.

Are IP Cameras and Cloud Computing for You?

Different companies operate in different circumstances and IP Cameras aren't always the best type of security camera for everyone. However, with the advancements in security surveillance that IP Cameras bring with them, you should think long and hard before you decide to stick to your older analog cameras.

The best way to work out if investing in a cloud based security system is the right choice for your business is to contact a professional security company, such as Frontline Security in Calgary. We will sit down with you, discuss the unique needs of your business and come up with a security solution that is affordable, effective and cutting edge.

To find out more about IP Cameras, cloud security and business security in general, contact Frontline Security today on 403-291-9311.

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