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6 Things You Can Do to Increase Your Business' Security

Calgary's population growth and spike in unemployment has increased the need for homes and businesses to improving or implementing security systems and processes. The economic downturn has taken its toll on the city, which has seen a rise in property crimes in the last few years. According to the most recent Calgary crime statistics compiled by the Calgary Police Service there was a 55.4 percent increase in commercial break and enters between 2014 and 2015. These troubling statistics highlight the increased need for security systems in Calgary businesses. Here are 6 things you can do to increase security for your business.

  1. Always lock your doors and windows
    Whether you are in the building or not you should try and keep your doors and windows closed and locked. This prevents unauthorized entry, helping keep your employees and merchandise safe. You will likely need to keep the front door unlocked during business hours, but that doesn’t mean you need to be vulnerable. Instruct employees to greet all customers entering so that unsavory individuals know your staff is vigilant.

  2. Install a security system
    A security system is an excellent way to keep your business secure. The security system can alert the security company and the police if someone breaks in. Pair this system with strategically placed security cameras so that you can monitor the property remotely and have a record of any suspects should a break in occur. Prominently placing security cameras near the entrances also shows potential thieves that you are monitoring the area.

  3. Invest in a good safe
    If you need to keep cash or other valuables on the premises be sure you invest in a high quality safe. It is much more difficult for thieves to steal cash and valuables from a safe because they will need to either break into the safe or figure out how to remove it from the premises. Thieves know that the longer they linger the more likely they are to get caught, so they will go for easy to grab valuables and pass over those that are harder to access.

  4. Strictly control access
    Restrict the number of people with keys, and always make sure all keys are accounted for. Traditional keys can be easily lost or stolen, so consider investing in a keyless entry system. A pinpad based system means employees can be granted access easily, and a fob or swipe card based system means you can easily track who enters and exits the building and when. If an employee leaves the company or loses their key you will need to re-key the entire building. Electronic locks are easier to change, making you more likely to change the passcode when someone leaves the company.

  5. Install lots of lighting
    Keeping the inside and outside of the store well lit is excellent for security. Thieves need time to break into the building, and don’t want to be observed doing so. Keeping possible points of entry well lit makes them less attractive targets. You should also keep the inside of the building well lit. If a break-in does occur you want police to be able to see people inside the store and notice the disorder often left by thieves. If the store is left dark then thieves can see the police approaching but the police can’t see them.

  6. Leave the cupboards bare
    When you close for the night be sure that staff know to empty all the tills and leave them open. The open till shows thieves that nothing of value has been left inside. An empty but locked till will still tempt a thief, who may cause damage in an effort to open it, resulting in costly repairs for you. Keep minimal cash in the store by depositing as much cash as possible in the bank each day. If you need to keep cash on hand for till floats be sure it goes into the safe each night. You should also install a silent alarm on your safe cabinet. When you close the safe for the night, make sure you check that everything has been put in the safe, make a note of the serial numbers of any large bills that were taken in after the last bank deposit, check that the safe is securely locked and activate the burglar alarm. You should never leave the combination for the safe on the premises, and you should change the combination any time an employee who knows it leaves your firm.

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