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5 Simple DIY Home Security Tips

Think of your security system as a deterrent, force field and set of eyes, dedicated to securing your home and your family 24 hours a day.  For decades, we have delivered piece of mind and fast response to thousands of Calgarians.  That being said, we always recommend small, inexpensive proactive measures to serve as a further deterrent.

Here’s a few examples:

  1. Tuck away your valuables
    Rather than keeping your precious belongings on your nightstand or beside your bed, store them in less expected places. Some suggestions: in a plastic baggy in your freezer or in a sock door. You could even create a hollow book in your bookshelf or use a hidden safe under a panel. Burglars usually look in the master bedroom, so keeping your valuables hidden away will help reduce the financial cost if a burglar breaks into your home.

  2. Conceal Your Keypad
    In houses that have larger windows or decorative glass doors, make sure that your security keypad is installed in a place that’s not easily seen from the street or your doorstep. This way, intruders can’t look into your house to see if your alarm is turned off.

  3. Put the Spotlight on Burglars
    Exterior motion sensor lights make it hard for a burglar to avoid being spotted. Plus, when the lights suddenly come on, they may think someone is watching — and leave.

  4. Give Intruders a Thorny Situation
    Put plants with sharp thorns, like rose bushes, underneath your ground-floor windows. These pretty flowers increase the visual appeal of your home and also give robbers something to think about before trying to get past them to your windows.

  5. Watch out for Overflowing Mail
    Vacation TIP:  When you go away, make sure you have someone to check in on your house regularly. While they’re doing that, they can also check for flyers that stack up or mail peaking out of your mail box. Some criminals actually leave out flyers on houses to see how long residents take before they remove them.

When you choose Frontline, we’ll secure.

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