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5 Crime Statistics You should Know

A burglary or break-in can be a very traumatic experience for a homeowner and can result in high financial costs in terms of replacing belongings, home repairs and even in some cases, legal fees.

By installing IP cameras and a 24-hour monitored alarm system, you greatly reduce your chances of becoming a crime-victim. Certain insurance companies even provide an insurance premium discount for homes that have a home security system.

5 Crime Statistics You Should Know

  1. A home break-in occurs every 90 seconds in Canada
  2. More than 80% of burglaries happen during daylight hours
  3. Home automation systems such as IP cameras and 24-hour alarms are a huge deterrent for most would-be burglars
  4. The basement or ground floor window/door are the most common entry points for burglars
  5. Most home break-ins are made by amateur burglars without the use of sophisticated tools
  6. Most burglars rely on concealment, speed and force to break into a home

What makes a home vulnerable to crime?

There are many reasons why a home may be burglarized but there are some common features that make specific houses vulnerable to entry and property theft. This includes:

  • Lack of a proper home security system
  • Overgrown landscaping which provides concealed access to entry points such as windows and doors
  • Lack of outdoor IP cameras or security lighting
  • Weak security devices including unlocked doors and windows
  • Easy access to an escape route
  • Knowledge that the residents are out of town and will not be returning soon

Crime prevention tips

There are significant costs incurred for every burglars, regardless of the value of the stolen property. Not only is it a financial burden but it carries emotional stress which can be experienced for many years.

The best method for dealing with this is to prevent the crime from occurring in the first place. Installing a reliable home security system with a burglar alarm, IP cameras and monitoring is an effective burglary deterrent. In addition, remember to trim your hedges and trees and install strong locks in your home.

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Crime-Proofing the Inside of Your Home

To deter any potential burglars, it is important to secure the inside of your home and make it look occupied at all times. Below are some simple and easy tips to keep burglars from entering your house:

Secure Your Premises
  • Make sure to close all your blinds and curtains at night so burglars cannot scope your belongings
  • Make sure to lock all your doors and windows before going to bed or leaving your home
  • Leave a radio or a TV on if you are away from your home for a short period of time
  • Consider using timers to maintain normal lighting patterns
Protecting your belongings
  • Take a full inventory of your possessions including photographs and videos
  • Keep your jewellery and other important possessions/documents in a safe deposit box or an unlikely place (e.g. not in your sock drawer)

Crime-Proofing The Outside Of Your Home

Home security system & monitored alarms

Statistics show that the likelihood of having your home broken into is significantly reduced if you have a 24-hour monitored alarm system. An efficient home security system will provide peace of mind for you and your family against the possibility of a home intrusion.

Our home automated systems have many benefits and can also monitor smoke, fire, temperature change and water escape, minimizing any damage or danger to your home.

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Securing your outdoor premises

There are many things you can do to the exterior of your home or in your garden to deter potential burglars and make entry more difficult.

  • Trim your hedges and trees so they don’t block any windows or doors
  • Place security bars over basement windows
  • Install an outdoor IP security camera and make sure to illuminate as much of your property as possible
  • Use a fencing style that won’t conceal any of the criminal’s activities
  • Do not leave your spare keys in an obvious place such as under the mat or in the mailbox
  • Don’t leave any doors unlocked when you’re in the backyard or leave your home

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