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5 Best Places to Install Your IP Home Security Cameras

Are you considering enhancing your home security system? Here are the 5 best places to install IP cameras around your property. 

Since its introduction, the IP security camera has revolutionized the security industry. Thanks to its ability to capture high-resolution images, its durability, and remote monitoring capabilities, this product is an excellent addition to any business or home security system. 

Some of the great benefits of IP security cameras include: 

  • Enhanced video analytics 
  • Act as a strong deterrent for potential thieves 
  • In the event of a burglary, they can aid the police in catching the culprit and returning your belongings 
  • They allow you to keep an eye on your home, children, and pets while you’re at work or away on a business trip/holiday 

Customized Home Security Systems and IP Cameras in Calgary 

At Frontline, we know that taking the necessary steps to prevent a burglary from happening can go a long way to keeping your family and property secure. From home automation to IP security cameras, we have everything you need to protect your loved ones from harm. 

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5 Best Places For Your IP Home Security Camera 

Security cameras are no longer just for the ultra-wealthy or businesses. Today, a greater number of Calgary homeowners are recognizing the benefits and importance of this home security product. 

However, to ensure its efficiency, you must place these cameras in the right places on your property.

Some of the places you may want to consider include: 

1. Front Door

Pro Tip: Installing a video doorbell is also a great way to secure your front door. It’s especially efficient if you use it in conjunction with an IP security camera. 


2. Back and Side Doors 

Doors that are out of sight can allow burglars to enter your house undetected. To ensure you’re fully aware of who is entering and exiting your home, add cameras to these secondary doors, especially if one of them is used more often than your front door (eg. a basement door) or seems especially enticing to potential thieves. 

3. Driveway 

Having a camera pointed at your garage or driveway allows you to keep an eye on what you store in those areas, such as tools, sports equipment, cars, and bikes. This is especially important if your garage is detached because the cameras will allow you to stay connected to every part of your property. 

Pro-tip: If you have a gate at the end of your driveway, you may want to put an IP camera there to spot anyone trying to come in uninvited. 

4. Common Interior Spaces

By placing cameras in gathering points in your home, such as the kitchen or living room, you’ll be able to track most of the activity within your space. This includes keeping an eye on your children, pets, babysitters, or any other individuals who may be in your home, such as cleaners or repairmen. 

5. Stairways and Hallways

Placing cameras in your hallways and stairway will make it especially difficult for someone to move inside your home undetected. If someone does break through an unmonitored area, they’ll still be captured on camera while moving around the house. 


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