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4 Ways a Security Guard Can Boost Your Warehouse Safety

Are you a business owner with a warehouse? Here are 4 reasons why warehouse security is so important and how our customized Calgary security systems can keep your products safe.

For business owners, especially manufacturers, there has never been more intense pressure to enhance productivity and lower costs. Renting warehouse space is one of the best ways to manage your procurement, storage, distribution, and logistics, to improve production workflow and productivity.

Some of the benefits of having a warehouse, include:

  • It provides production support that dramatically lowers production lead times
  • By outsourcing distribution to a warehouse, your business can use the existing space for product development and expansion.
  • You’ll be able to maintain consistent stock levels, keeping your prices stable.
  • Minimizes business risks and inventory loss or theft

Customized Business Security Systems in Calgary

At Frontline Security, we know how important security is for your company’s productivity and for the wellbeing of your customers and employees. We offer customizable home and business security systems to meet all your unique needs and give you peace of mind, knowing that your space is protected from theft or criminal activity.

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4 Reasons You Should Hire a Security Guard For Your Warehouse

It’s a well-known fact that burglars intent on stealing top dollar items view warehouses as the perfect location for their criminal activities. Therefore, failure to install a security system, and other measures, such as a security guard, will not only put your inventory at risk but the safety of your staff as well.

For total peace of mind, you can protect your building, employees, and goods by installing a customized commercial security system and hiring a guard who can help you keep an eye on your business and provide a strong deterrent to any potential criminals.

Here are just 4 ways a security guard can help keep your space safe:

  1. Employee Protection

The most important reason to hire a security guard is so that they can keep your employees safe. Having your goods stolen can be frustrating, but they can always be replaced. However, you can’t replace the life of an individual who gets harmed in a burglary.

Offer Protection and Lower Your Liability

Rather than risking the life of any single employee, why not offer protection and lower your liability by hiring professional security guards to protect those individuals who work inside your warehouse.

This has been proven to:

  • Provide peace of mind to your employees
  • Boost productivity
  • Create a more comfortable and safe work environment
  • Enhance employee satisfaction


  1. Prevents Employee Theft

While your warehouse may be targeted from the outside, it can also be compromised by employees who are set on stealing from you. Without proper monitoring in place, your employees will find more opportunity to steal work equipment or inventory, if they want to.

So what do you do? It’s not always possible to watch the actions of all your employees, which is why it’s so important to hire a security guard.

These professionals can:

  • Provide a physical deterrent to employee theft
  • Monitor the activity of all your employees
  • Monitor your CCTV and other surveillance videos
  • Closely watch your building and its occupants to ensure no illegal activity is occurring

Preventative measures such as these will help you prevent employee theft and allows you to get on with the responsibilities of running a business, without having to worry about keeping an eye on your staff at all times.

  1. Emergency Response

Despite your best efforts, emergencies can occur, and when they do, it’s imperative that you and your staff know how to handle the situation. With the presence of a security guard, you’ll have a trained professional who can give directions in circumstances such as a gas leak, flood, shootings, or other bodily assaults.

In addition: Many security guards are trained in CPR and can keep injured employees stable until emergency services appear.

  1. Company Ambassador

A security guard can also check the ID of all the people who are coming and going from your warehouse, including vendors, delivery drivers, and staff, to check they have the appropriate credentials. They can also greet any customers you have and direct them to the right place, acting as an ambassador for your business.

Added bonus: Hiring a professional and friendly security guard is a great way to enhance the reputation of your business, while also stopping any potential thieves in their tracks.

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