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4 Reasons to Invest in a Hosted Card Access System

Are you considering installing a hosted access control system in your Calgary office? Here are 4 ways this could greatly benefit your business.

Whether it’s physical security, such as a security guard, or the installation of security products such as IP cameras and hosted access control systems, investing in your business’ security can have many benefits, as it will:

  • deters potential thieves and criminals
  • ensure the safety of your employees and customers
  • enhance productivity in the workplace.
  • ensure any suspicious activities are reported and handled quickly


Affordable Commercial and Home Security Products in Calgary

At Frontline Security, we offer a wide range of high quality and customizable commercial and home security products from IP cameras and access control systems to home automation and security guards.

Whatever your specific needs, our team has the experience and expertise to fulfil your security goals.

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4 Benefits of Investing in a Hosted Access Control System 

Hosted access control is a service where all of your card access control system’s data is hosted off-site. With a simple and secure internet connection, all the data is hosted in the cloud, ensuring your system never loses its data, is updated in real time and remains accessible at all times.

Here are 4 benefits of a hosted access control system: 

1. You’ll Have Access to Your Control System From Anywhere

As the servers as hosted in the cloud, you’ll be able to access your card access control system from anywhere, when you have an internet connection. This makes the management of your system easier and more convenient and allows you to grant access to your office for authorized people, or remove users from the system, at any time, from anywhere in the world. 

2. Reduced Installation Costs

The costs for installation of a hosted access control system are reduced as there is no need to install a costly server with the rest of the card access control system.  All of the computer equipment required is hosted at a secure data facility, and is maintained there. There is no need to provide any extra computer equipment.

3. Your Data Can Never Be Lost 

As all of your card access control data resides in the cloud, and is stored in a redundant fashion, your data will always remain available to you, without the worry of data loss in the event of a computer failure.  You will always have access to your data and system history and can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing it is securely stored and professionally managed and maintained.

4. Easier Management of Multiple Sites 

Often, businesses with multiple sites that have card access control systems have multiple databases to manage each individual site. This can lead to a high level of miscommunication, which at the best of times can inconvenience a new employee, and at the worst of times, create a severe security issue.

With hosted access control, all your sites can be managed through a single database and software interface, controlled by one person. Through one easy portal, a user can be added or removed from your company, from multiple sites, with the click of just one button. 


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