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4 Reasons Your Business Should be Using A Card Access System

Overview: Do you know what Card Access Systems are and what they can do? At Frontline Security Ltd., we provide intuitive security solutions for businesses and individuals, and one of the many security services we provide is card access systems. In this blog we'll find out a little more about what card access systems are and what they can do.

If you run a business then you'll almost definitely benefit from using a card access system. Without such a system, you're left with basic keys that are time consuming, costly and awkward. Here are a few reasons why you should upgrade your building security to a card access system.

Quicker access

With the card access systems provided by Frontline Security Ltd. one of the many benefits you get is the ability to open doors quickly and efficiently. Doesn't sound that impressive? Let's explain. With regular locks, it is rare to lock much more than the main door. This is because it would be time consuming and annoying to have to sort through your keys each time you wanted to enter a different room. Instead, with card access systems you can add an additional layer of security to your building without sacrificing convenience - simply swipe your fob or card by the door and you're in.

Multi-layer security clearance

Another benefit of card access systems is their ability to be individually programmed to cater for each employee's status, whether they're the CEO or just a visitor. This can be great for companies that have multiple rooms and departments in their office space that only need to be accessed by certain people. Without a card access system you would be left with handful of confusing keys.

Store building entry data

Additionally, with card access systems you can view your building's entry and exit data. This means that you can calculate how many employees are in the building, when employees come and go from work, and which doors are used the most. You can even use the data to find out who was in a particular area at a certain time, and the more locked doors there are, the more detailed view you will have of your employees' comings and goings.

Avoid key-cutting costs

Every time there is a security breach or an employee leaves, it is necessary to change your building access security. With regular keys, this means an expensive and time-consuming process of getting new keys cut and getting the locks changed. However, with card access systems all that is required is the re-programming of the locks and entry keys, and your building is secure again. This saves time and money, and the ease of the process removes the temptation to just leave locks unchanged.

Bottom Line: A card access system is virtually essential for all sizes of businesses as it provides a variety benefits that save both time and money in the long run. In this blog we've highlighted a few, such as the money saved on key-cutting costs, and the ease with which authorized employees can access certain rooms. For more information on card access systems and to find out how Frontline Security Ltd. can make this technology a reality in your office, call 403-291-9311 today.

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