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4 Different Types of Alarm Systems

4 Different Types of Alarm Systems

An alarm system plays a key role in protecting your business from burglars and trespassers when you are not around. Equipped with a range of sensors, an alarm system can rapidly notify fast-response teams to arrive on-premise to apprehend the criminals. An alarm system is also a powerful deterrent in itself; its presence is often enough to scare intruders away.

So which type of alarm system is best for your business? The choice among these types depends heavily on the nature of your business and your budget.

  • wireless alarm systems
  • wired alarm systems
  • monitored alarm systems
  • unmonitored alarm systems

Frontline Security is Calgary’s Choice for residential and commercial security system installation and monitoring. If you are exploring ways to keep your home and business protected, contact our security professionals for your free security quote. Call (403) 291-9311 today.

Choosing Your Calgary Alarm System 

While every alarm system aims to deter and stop criminal trespass, the specific type of alarm system you end up getting has a huge effect on how you manage your business’ security. As you will see, alarm systems differ in terms of maintenance needs, operating costs, and technical capabilities. Defining your business’ specific needs is central to determining which alarm system is best for you. 

The 4 most popular types of alarm systems are: 

Wireless alarm systems: Sensors on a wireless alarm system use radio signals to communicate with the control panel. The lack of wiring connecting the components of the security system offers certain advantages. 

First, installation is easy; there is no need to drill holes or make modifications to the walls to make the alarm work. This makes it a great option for guarding properties for rent and buildings with brick, stone, or concrete exteriors. Second, a wireless alarm system is portable, making it highly convenient and cost-effective. 

Like all things wireless, wireless alarm systems are usually less powerful than wired systems. They are vulnerable to electromagnetic interference caused by other devices, and their range is limited. Wireless alarm systems also require periodical battery changes, which can be a mild annoyance. 

Given their low-cost installation and range limitations, wireless alarm systems can be excellent security options for small businesses. 

Wired alarm systems: Compared to their wireless counterparts, wired alarm systems trade convenience for greater consistency and range. 

Installing a wired alarm system can also be expensive, especially in large buildings. Making sure that every component of the system is physically connected can require extensive modification to the building.  

Wired alarm systems are best suited for larger businesses that need to monitor a larger area and that can more easily afford higher installation fees. 

Monitored alarm systems: If your business carries high-value items or a large amount of cash, you may want a dedicated surveillance team to remotely monitor the premises at all times. In addition to break-ins, having a real set of eyes guarding your building can alert you of other urgencies, such as fires. A real person behind the screens can also notify you if something unusual happens to your security system一like if it is being hacked. 

Such peace of mind does not come in cheap, however. Expect additional monthly fees if you want a real human watching your business in the after hours. 

Unmonitored alarm systems: Most alarm systems are unmonitored, which means they trigger audible and visual alerts when set off. They may also send you a text message or a notification in the process. Designed to avoid triggering false alerts, the alarm system will not automatically notify the authorities in the event of a breach. 

Though unmonitored alarm systems provide less security than monitored alarm systems, the loud noises and bright visual cues they emit are sufficient to scare off most intruders. As such, unmonitored alarm systems constitute a great security option for budget-minded business owners. 

Which Security System Is Best For You? 

All 4 alarm systems have their place in a comprehensive security system:

  • Wireless alarm systems are distinguished by their unmatched convenience 
  • Wired alarm systems are the most reliable 
  • Monitored alarm systems provide the highest level of security 
  • Unmonitored alarm systems are the most wallet-friendly 

Frontline Security is your Calgary expert in commercial security systems. We offer customized alarm systems of all varieties and equipped with the latest technologies so that your business is protected regardless of your needs and budget. Call our professional security consultants at (403) 291-9311 or fill out the online contact form to request a free security audit of your business. 


Q: Do you provide warranties for your commercial security systems?
A: Yes. We provide a standard warranty of 1 year on all our commercial security and alarm systems. 

Q: Do your alarm systems protect my business against fire and floods?
A: Yes. Beside protecting your business against intruders, our systems can detect heat, smoke, and moisture and notify you of any environmental disasters. 

Q: Does Frontline monitor by video feed?
A: We offer 24-hour monitoring and two-way audio to scare potential intruders away. You will also be able to access your business’ real-time video feed on your own device.

Your First Line of Defence

Your First Line of Defence

In a world of ever-increasing threats, you need a security company you can count on. We’re that company. Our Calgary-based full-service security company specializes in commercial security solutions, providing large-scale properties and facilities with the protection they need to guard their valuable assets. We also provide residential alarm and video surveillance systems, giving homeowners the peace of mind they need to sleep soundly at night. 

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Put us on the frontline and rest easy knowing you’re properly defended.

Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve

You’ve worked hard to build your business or buy your home. Now it’s time to protect them properly and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. Our full-service security solutions can give whatever matters most to you the 360° protection it needs. Contact us today by calling (403) 291-9311 or by filling out the form below and put us on your frontline.

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