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4 Commercial Security Systems You Need to Secure Your Calgary Business

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For over a decade, Frontline Security has been developing efficient security systems, programs and technology to secure the safety of small businesses in Calgary and their staff.

Our business security systems:

  • Will keep your employees safe
  • Will deter burglars
  • May reduce your insurance premiums
  • Will boost employee productivity

From IP cameras and access control to alarms and professional security patrol, we offer commercial security products and service plans that allow you to choose the solutions best suited to your small business.

To better understand how we can help protect your business and your employees, read more about our 4 different kinds of security systems

Business Security System Type 1: Interactive Control

What it Protects: Both the inside and the surrounding area outside of your small business

How it Works: Our interactive control service gives you the ability to access and control your commercial security system right from your mobile device or PC so you can be aware of what’s happening at your business at all times.

With our state of the art IC technology you can:

  • Review entry/exit logs
  • View live or recorded surveillance video
  • Arm/disarm your business remotely
  • Change your temperature settings

Business Security System Type 2: IP Surveillance Cameras

What it protects: Our highly rated indoor and outdoor IP cameras make it possible for you to view your property remotely from anywhere in the world.

How it works: IP camera systems offer affordable, easy-to-administer video surveillance for commercial security purposes. They will allow you to:

  • Enhance the physical security of your business
  • Protect valuable assets
  • Boost employee productivity

Business Security System Type 3: Professional Security Guards

What it protects: The inside of your office, building or store. Professional security guards can protect your small business from burglary, vandalism or dangerous intruders.

How it works: Professional security guards can be used to effectively prevent crime, maintain security and assist customers and employees.

From response based guard service to scheduled perimeter checks, Frontline offers custom security solutions for businesses of all sizes and budgets. A security guard will:

  • Give your customers and employees a sense of security
  • Handle any criminal activity which may occur on the premises
  • Monitor video surveillance

Business Security System Type 4: Access Control

What it protects: Access control systems can protect your main entrances as well as sensitive areas of your business.

How it works: Electronic access control security systems ensure that your facilities are accessed only by authorized individuals and allows you to control critical areas of your business operation. This includes key fobs and/or access cards.

An access control system will:

  • Provide a detailed audit trail reporting
  • Control access to highly secure areas
  • Eliminate the cost and headache of re-keying and lock changes

Running a small business requires you to take a number of risks but security shouldn’t be one of them. We can help protect your company with a small business security solution that’s just right for you.

To learn more, contact us at (403)-291-9311


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