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4 Benefits of Live Video Monitoring For Your Calgary Business

Are you looking for innovative ways to enhance the security of your business? Learn more about the benefits of live video monitoring for Calgary businesses.

Every business, be it a small start-up or a large corporation, can be vulnerable to theft, which is why it’s so important, as a business owner, to invest in an efficient and custom business security system. At Frontline, we provide affordable and quality security products and our systems will help:

  • Deter criminals
  • Keep vandals and squatters out of your premises
  • Protect you from liability claims
  • Protect your customers and employees
  • Lower your business insurance costs
  • Make it easier to alert the authorities in case of an emergency

Our knowledgeable and skilled team take all your specific security needs into account and we can install a personalized business security system that will keep your property and employees safe.


Customized Business Security Solutions in Calgary

Do you own a business in Calgary? From live video monitoring to IP cameras and access control systems, our team has everything you need to keep your property and customers safe, and your business thriving.

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What is Live Video Monitoring?

Live video monitoring involves a team of trained security operators who monitor multiple video cameras simultaneously in real time. This monitoring provides better coverage without putting anyone in danger, since the surveillance is done remotely.

It is ideal for high traffic areas and open projects without fencing, such as:

  • Shopping centres
  • Scrap yards
  • Car dealerships
  • Apartment complexes


4 Benefits of Live Video Monitoring

Remote video monitoring is an excellent way to protect your property from thieves, vagrants, and suspicious activity. This proactive solution can deter any criminal activity before it happens and trained operators who watch your property can alert local authorities quickly if anything should happen.

Some of the benefits of live video monitoring include:

  1. Increased bottom line: A remote video monitoring service can cost up to 30% less than an on-site security guard. If you do have on-site personnel, consider switching to a live video surveillance to save money and increase your bottom line.
  1. Reduced theft/vandalism: It has been shown that live video surveillance leads to a significant decrease in daytime theft. Not only will this keep your employees and customers safe, but it will also save you a lot of time and money.
  1. Consistent surveillance: Live video monitoring never takes a break. Not only is the software equipped with video analytics to inform a trained operator of suspicious activity, but if operators require a break, the posts are taken over by relievers, ensuring your property is always covered.
  1. Multiple areas are watched simultaneously: An on-site security guard has a limited view of a property. They cannot be everywhere at once but remote monitoring operators can watch several areas of the property at the same time. Additionally, security cameras allow surveillance operators to view parts of the site from better vantage points than may be accessible to an on-site guard.


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