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4 Apartment Security Tips For Renters

Are you renting an apartment in Calgary? Here’s why investing in customized security services is so important to keep your home safe. 

When you compare homeowners to those that rent apartments, it’s often true that apartment dwellers don’t pay as much attention to home security. However, taking the time to invest in quality security services can have many advantages, including:

  • provides peace of mind
  • lowers risk of burglaries or other crimes in your home
  • protects property, family, and pets
  • creates a safe and comfortable home environment

Customised Home Security Services in Calgary

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Top 4 Apartment Security Tips For Renters

Did you know that living in an apartment increases your risk of being burglarized by 85%? Living close to other tenants and having large numbers of unknown people enter your complex increases the risk of intrusion into your home.

While landlords do provide some security services to their tenants, here are some steps you can take to ensure your apartment stays safe:

1. Install a Security System

If your apartment comes without a security system, you should talk to your landlord about investing in one that doesn’t require an invasive installation. With a simple system, you can add items such as IP cameras into your apartment without much hassle.

Having IP cameras in your apartment will greatly enhance your security as they will:

  • allow you to remotely track the activity in and around your apartment.
  • drastically reduce the risk of potential burglars entering your home.
  • help you easily store and access footage.
  • allow you to share any footage quickly with anyone, cutting down investigation times in emergency situations.

TIP: Nowadays, security systems are wireless and portable so even if your landlord doesn’t provide you with such security services, you can find one that is inexpensive, non-invasive, and ask for permission to install it.


2. Keep Your Doors and Windows Locked

The majority of burglaries happen due to unlocked doors and windows, so it’s important to make sure you lock everything before going down to check your mail or leaving for work. While it sounds simple, making sure to complete this step will help keep your home safe.

TIP: Ensure your sliding patio doors and windows have a security bar for extra protection. In addition, talk to your landlord about keeping exterior doors to laundry rooms and other common areas secure.


3. Install a Peephole

Having a peephole in your door means that you can see who is on the other side before opening up your home. It can help you and your family avoid any potentially threatening situations.

Digital Peepholes

Given the advancements in home security technology, traditional peepholes have been replaced by high-tech front door cameras that allow you to discreetly view who is standing outside your home.

Some of their benefits include:

  • You can safely see who is on the outside without letting anyone know you’re home.
  • It’s safe and easy for children and the elderly to use.
  • It offers a wider viewing angle than the traditional peephole.
  • They’re quick and easy to install.
  • They come with covers so no one can look inside your home.

These digital peepholes may even allow you to see who is at the front door using your smartphone, providing the ultimate convenience and safety.


4. Meet Your Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbours can be very helpful when it comes to your apartment security. Not only will you be more aware of who lives in your building, but your neighbours can also alert you to any suspicious activity when you’re not around.

Additional Tip: While everyone likes to share pictures of their holidays on social media, doing so is alerting everyone, including neighbours and potential intruders, that your home is empty. Holding off on posting will ensure your home stays safe.


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Whether you live in a home or you’re renting an apartment, the team at Frontline understands the importance of investing in home security. Our customized and quality security services include IP cameras, home automation products, and more, to help keep your home, valuables, and loved ones safe.

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