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3 Ways A Video Surveillance System Can Make Your Business More Profitable

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3 Ways A Video Surveillance System Can Make Your Business More Profitable

Is your business as well-protected as it should be? Your business is the manifestation of your ideas, hard work, and monetary assets. As a business owner, you want to ensure that your investment, employees, and customers are protected even when you are not present at work. 

For any business, burglary and shoplifting can be devastating. A professionally installed video surveillance and alarm system can significantly deter shoplifting and employee theft and can be valuable when trying to document crimes and injury claims by employees or customers. Also, many of these modern systems allow you to access live and recorded video footage right from your smartphone—even when you are not onsite.

Protect Your Business With A Professionally Installed Video Surveillance And Alarm System

A quality security system will protect your business from a range of risks—not just from thieves. With the right system professionally installed, you, as a business owner, will have peace of mind knowing your business is secure from threats at all times. You will be able to focus on other important aspects of your business without the constant stress of wondering if you are going to come into work next morning to a broken door or window. The money you will save from not having to replace stolen or broken items from your business can go towards more lucrative aspects of your business. 

No matter how big or small your business is, it is imperative to have a video surveillance system implemented to protect both your business and your employees. To learn more about how video surveillance can elevate your business, contact our team today by calling 403-291-9311 or fill in our online contact form.

3 Ways A Video Surveillance System Can Make Your Business More Profitable

Protect Your Business Against Shoplifting And Theft
Did you know that 76% of Canadian businesses fall victim to employee theft and that small businesses $25,000- $33,000 per minute due to shoplifters? 
Burglary and shoplifting prevention is one of the biggest benefits of installing a commercial video surveillance system. By just having cameras visibly present on your property, you will deter criminal activity. Installing them throughout the workplace will help you keep an eye on employees to make sure they are not stealing as well. If your business has a weak security system or does not have one at all, it can be nearly impossible to catch or identify thieves. 

Lower The Risk Of Vandalism
A single incident of vandalism on average costs $3,500 in Canada. 
Take control by warding off vandals with a professionally installed surveillance system. Placing cameras around your property will catch the criminal in the act, which allows you to identify them to receive compensation for the damage. Conspicuously placed cameras around your business's property also have been proven to reduce incidents of violence and vandalism.

Powerful Evidence Against Lawsuit Claims
One of the biggest fears as a business owner is being sued. While most claims are legitimate, some made by employees and customers can be fraudulent. If an accident, harassment, injury, or other legal issue occurs onsite, having video surveillance footage will be able to provide proof of what occurred and verify potentially fraudulent claims. A common example of a fraudulent claim relates to workers’ compensation. If an employee forces or fakes an injury to receive money and time off work, you will be able to prove this with recorded footage.

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Although you may have been lucky enough not to have experienced theft or vandalism yet, you must stay proactive about protecting your business from any expenses that may come your way in the future. A disgruntled employee may attempt to falsely file for workers' compensation, or you may start noticing a rise in thefts around the workplace. You will have no choice but to pay for these expenses yourself as you will have no video surveillance to record evidence. Protect your business and allow it to financially grow by avoiding these expenses with the installation of a video surveillance alarm system.
Frontline Security has been providing customized business security solutions for Calgary businesses since 2001. Our robust technology can accommodate all companies, regardless of their size, with the tools, systems, and programs to keep their business, clients, and employees secure. 


Q: Do commercial video surveillance and alarm systems come with smartphone technology?
A: Most modern surveillance systems come with smartphone technology to allow you to access live-feed footage as well as previously recorded videos. They act very similar to residential alarm systems and contain many of the same features.

Q: How many cameras do I need?
A: This will depend on the size of your business as well as how many areas you wish to have monitored. Lay out what areas of your business you wish to have monitored and speak to a professional to get their advice on what type of cameras would benefit your business the most and how many you will require to effectively monitor those areas.

Q: Are your surveillance cameras covered by warranty?
A: Yes, our video surveillance cameras are covered by a 4-year warranty for parts and a 1-year warranty for labour.

Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve

You’ve worked hard to build your business or buy your home. Now it’s time to protect them properly and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. Our full-service security solutions can give whatever matters most to you the 360° protection it needs. Contact us today by calling (403) 291-9311 or by filling out the form below and put us on your frontline.

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