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3 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home Security System

Is your home security system not up to standard? Are you looking for more effective ways to protect your home, family, and valuables within it? Here are 3 simple home security tips to help you keep your home and loved ones safe. 

While you need to consider many important factors before investing in a home security system, including the installation and maintenance costs and the hassle of false alarms, the truth is home security products, such as an alarm system and IP cameras, are a worthwhile investment. 

Why? Opting for custom security solutions for your home has numerous benefits that far outweigh the slight drawbacks. A high quality, customized home security system will help: 

  • Lower your risk of vandalism or theft
  • Protect your valuables and property
  • Lower your home insurance rate
  • Keep an eye on your children and pets remotely

Our Calgary Alarm Company Provides Affordable and Custom Home Security Solutions

At Frontline, we are able to design and install highly effective and affordable customized home security systems to keep your property and loved ones safe. Whether you’re looking for IP surveillance cameras, alarm systems, or the latest home automation products, we pride ourselves on having everything you need to build an effective home security system in Calgary. 

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3 Simple Steps to Upgrade Your Home Security System 

For Calgary homeowners, protecting your property, family, and pets is a top concern. Luckily, there are some simple and easy measures you can take to immediately improve your home security system and lower your risk for a break-in or vandalism. 

Here are 3 steps you can take today to upgrade your home security system: 

1. Invest in IP Cameras

If you don’t already have some, adding IP cameras in key locations around your house can make an excellent addition to your home security system. These highly innovative and effective products can: 

  • Show you the identity of a visitor before you open the door
  • Ensure your outdoor area, garage, and vehicles are monitored
  • Add an extra layer of protection that will deter intruders
  • Reduce your home insurance premiums 

Whether you want to keep a closer eye on your children and/or pets while you’re at work, or you want more control over the activities in and around your house, an IP camera could be the home security product you need. 


2. Add a Video Doorbell 

A video doorbell is an innovative home automation product that works as both a two-way communications device and a camera. More and more Calgary homeowners are opting to add this to their home security system because it allows them to: 

  • Answer their door remotely
  • Catch any suspicious activity outside your door early on
  • Protect your home delivery packages

A video doorbell provides homeowners with a convenient and easy way to answer your door and protect your family from your desk at work, from the couch, or even when you’re away on holiday. 


3. Smart Smoke Detector 

Not every threat to your home comes in the form of a burglar. Smart smoke detectors are also a very helpful home security system upgrade because they can alert you when a fire starts, or even warn you of the potential for a fire before a blaze occurs. 

This feature is extremely helpful when you’re home, and when you’re away because the system immediately alerts you if there are any signs of danger. 


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