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Fall and Winter Home Security Tips

Keep your home safe this winter with these essential tips!

While the fall and winter seasons tend to be some of the busiest times for Calgarians, it’s important not to let your home security slide. Hiring a professional security service to ensure your home security system is working correctly is crucial to:

  • preventing false alarms
  • protecting your family from danger
  • ensuring you get compensated for any loss or damage to valuables during a burglary
  • lowering your risk of burglary

Professional AV and Security Services in Calgary

Taking the right steps to protect your home and family this winter goes a long way to giving you peace of mind and protecting your most valuable possessions. From customized home automation services to IP surveillance cameras, we provide comprehensive security services to keep you safe all year long.

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5 Home Security Tips to Help You Stay Safe This Fall and Winter

Did you know that home burglaries tend to spike during the colder months? Under the added cover of darkness, thieves use the opportunity to break into houses before homeowners return from work, or when they jet off for vacations to warmer climates.

This means that maintaining your home security during the fall and winter is absolutely crucial. Apart from hiring a professional security service, here are some simple and easy tips to help you keep your home and family safe this season:

1. Light Up

Since the days are getting shorter, it’s also getting darker earlier, which is something burglars take advantage of. This winter, make sure you have ample indoor and outdoor lighting and consider using smart, programmable lighting when you’re away.

2. Be Careful What You Post On Social Media

If you plan on travelling this fall, DON’T post your plans or photos until you get back home, and set your accounts to private to limit who can see them. In addition, avoid disclosing your child’s name or what school they attend as kidnappers can use this information. Stick to sharing personal details with family and close friends only.

3. Avoid Opening Your Home To Strangers

If you hear a knock on your door, you may feel compelled to open it but doing so is potentially providing a complete stranger with access to your open. ALWAYS check your peephole before opening the door and avoid opening it for salespeople, or anyone else you don’t know. (Why Invest in a Video Doorbell >)

3. Keep Doors And Windows Locked

Most home invasions occur due to unlocked doors and windows. If you’ve been enjoying the cool fall breeze, remember to always lock up before leaving or going to bed at night.

4. Put Your Tools Away

Whether you were raking the lawn, or cleaning out your gutters, remember to put your tools away when you’re finished. Apart from preventing them from being stolen, you’ll also ensure they can’t be used by thieves. For example, a ladder left outside could give a burglar access to your home’s upper levels.

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